Environmental Policy

We work hard to protect the environment by addressing the complex challenges presented by population growth, climate change, biodiversity loss, increasing energy demand and resource scarcity to live within the natural limits of our planet.


– Identify and manage our environmental impacts to protect the environment and prevent pollution.

– Promote circular economy through efficient use of natural resources in our operational activities.

– Divert waste from landfill through reduce, reuse and recycling activities.

– Be a Net Zero GHG emissions organisation by 2030 for Scope 1 and 2 emissions. –

– Compensate for residual hard to decarbonise emissions through high quality certified carbon offset program.

We will:

– Collaborate with our suppliers, clients, partners, contractors and stakeholders to act on opportunities to support sustainable development.

– Work with clients, suppliers and stakeholders to identify and manage relevant environmental risks, whilst realising business objectives.

– Approach our work holistically, making business design based on clear view of environmental aspects, outcomes and impacts.

– Work with suppliers and contractors with due consideration that their environmental commitments are consistent with our own.

– Continually improve our environmental performance through creating an Environmental Management System certified to ISO 14001.

– Develop a Carbon Reduction Plan which will identify targets for Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, priorities for action, investment, governance and reporting.

– Develop and implement sustainable procurement practices.

– Minimise generation of waste by implementing reduce, recycle and reuse strategy.

– Consider alternative working practices, review the location of our offices, and provide information and support to employees on sustainable transport options to/from our offices.

– Increase the proportion of renewable energy consumed in our offices and vehicles.

– Purchase high quality certified offsets at market rates and accelerate our effort to decarbonise.

– Monitor our progress and communicate our progress to our stakeholders via annual report.

This policy is set by our senior management and implemented across our business through procedures and guidance. It will be reviewed and approved annually, or more frequently if appropriate. The Managing Director for CAP.Co will ensure that plans are developed and implemented to enable us to reach the aims set out in this policy while fulfilling applicable legal, regulatory and other requirements.