Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy

This policy applies to all activities that are undertaken by us. Therefore, it applies to all our employees and contractors who may carry out work activities on our behalf. This includes activities at our offices, sites, staff working at home, remote work at other locations and travelling on business. We are committed to meeting all applicable standards of health, safety and wellbeing and strive for zero harm in everything we do. We are committed to embed a safety culture and implement a policy to promote better health at work.


– Ensure that our staff know that they are able to work in an environment which is free from discrimination and harassment and are able to achieve their full potential in their job without distraction.

– Treat everyone fairly, with dignity and respect.

– Maintain fair and honourable dealings with our people, where recognition, reward and opportunity reflect the ability, experience and aspiration of the individual.

– Create an environment that brings the best skills to our work.

We will:

– Integrate health and safety with our core business objectives and management, identify health, safety and wellbeing risks and have controls in place to prevent and manage those risks.

– Resource our commitment with appropriate investment, systems, equipment, information and training.

– Commit to relevant legal requirements, standards, and professional codes.

– Set and monitor health, safety and wellbeing performance and priority areas and consider opportunities for improvement.

– Make sure that accountabilities and responsibilities for health, safety, welfare and wellbeing in the areas of control, are properly assigned, passed on, understood and carried out throughout the organisational structure, through our supply chain and contractors.

– Collaborate with clients, partners, and suppliers to improve health and safety.

– Promote positive leadership, behaviours and actions.

– Engage with our people so their ideas, innovations and experiences are a source of improvement.

– Integrate health, safety, and wellbeing into our design, advice, and decisions.

– Nurture a healthy, positive work culture where there is zero tolerance to the inappropriate usage of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

– Embed a culture of continuous learning that celebrates success and improves through experience.

– We will achieve this by all being accountable and taking personal responsibility for health, safety and wellbeing.