October 26, 2021

Alex Egan and George Browne at Entangled Life Exhibition


Alex Egan at Entangled Life Exhibition at the Skippings Gallery in Great Yarmouth lead

Two of the CAP.CO team, local fine artists Alex Egan and George Browne, have created several pieces to form the ‘Entangled Life’ exhibition, which will see their two very distinctive artistic styles come together.

Their work will exhibit a collection of nature-inspired paintings created during lockdown.

The exhibition will be held at the Skippings Gallery in Great Yarmouth and celebrates the power of the natural world and how it flourished during lockdown, as human life stayed indoors.

Family members Alex and George spent time together during the various lockdowns, sharing their love of art and were inspired to create something together.

Alex Egan

Alex, who lives in Barton Turf, studied fine art at Bristol University and has been a professional artist for 15 years. She is known for her delicate and romantic take on the natural world – from trees to wildlife.

George Browne

George, 29, studied fine art painting at Camberwell Art School in London and admits this is the first time since studying that he has returned to large canvasses to create art.

Alex said: “The pandemic has given many the time to really study the world around us and this exhibition focuses on the new-found or deepening appreciation for nature that we all cultivated to some degree, as we stayed in our homes.”

Describing her pieces in the exhibition, Alex said: “The exhibit comprises a number of layered, ‘entangled’ paintings created using previous works. Typical landscape paintings from direct observation or old life drawings which I liked but knew would never develop into completed paintings. Others are fresh paintings from the start.

“The layering is developed through detailed studies and observations of the plant and insect life in my garden and adjoining farmland. Natural areas brimming with plant life and wild weeds covered and brimming with insect life. Lockdown created a complete haven for me and the wildlife and allowed these sketches and subsequent paintings to evolve.”

Speaking about the inspiration for the exhibition, George said: “Entangled Life’ was born out of many conversations at the dinner table with Alex throughout lockdown, after we both read the fabulous book by the same name. We talked lots about the interconnected relationships between everything in nature.

For me, Alex’s work represents the natural and physical resemblances, with my work taking the abstracted, conceptual humanist approach.”

The exhibition will run from 30 October to 7 November. The exhibition is free with most of the works available to purchase.

For more information, visit alexegan.co.uk or cargocollective.com/georgebrowne/work

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