January 20, 2017

Building adventure play with natural materials

The materials we use on site are all natural

One of the joys of the work we do in building adventure play around the world, are the natural materials we get to build with. Wherever Possible these are sourced locally. With the build at the Lost Castle of Lowther, much of what we used was harvested from within the very woods we were building in. Our wood miles are important to us and we like to keep the as low as possible.

Wood shaving hanging over an edge prior to final clean down

What this does mean with builds in different locations is that we often work with quite different materials. On the surface for a normal build company, this would be additional hassle we didn't need, but for our team, it's the joy of discovery and the satisfaction of working with a light touch.

Close up of wood saw on site with the natural materials we use

The big advantage of this approach is that when the wood starts to weather, it still looks natural - as though it was born from the land in which it sits. And the longer it sits there, the more it will bed back in and become part of the landscape, creating a truly natural place for kids and parents to play together.

We like that.

Close up of roofline showing the natural materials

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