April 7, 2020

CGI’s Vs reality at Little Beaulieu

Beaulieu, New Forest

Front view of clock tower as CGI from Little Beaulieu Clock Tower

At CAP.Co we take great pride in the amount of work we put in at the design stage to ensure that any of our bespoke builds have a genuine sense of place. We don't just take a set of standard components and try and find a way to fit them into a space.

Our route is always to look at what exists in terms of the lie of the land itself, the existing trees, hedges and wildlife and work with them. We've been lucky enough to work in some genuinely beautiful places and see our role as protection and enhancement of the environment in which we're working as well as creating amazing places for families to play together.

So the way we work is reasonably unique too.

We start with getting to know the place first. We look everywhere around the potential site and our ideas evolve into a series of rough sketches.

Beaulieu Sketch Final

With the sketches to capture our thoughts, we work up flat plans and simple models to masterplan the space and ensure the flow of the play will work as we planned.

Beaulieu Sketch view 1

Next comes block models to understand the build process and again sense check the scale.

Block model of the Clock Tower from Little Beaulieu
White model of the front of the ply at Little Beaulieu

We then begin to work up more complete CGI models of the proposed build so you can understand the sense of scale more completely.

Initial CGI of the Clock Tower at Little Beaulieu

And finally, we put the CGI Models into the recreated landscape to give an almost photo-realistic image of what the finished build will look like.

Front view of clock tower as CGI from Little Beaulieu Clock Tower

The images here from Little Beaulieu, show how real the CGI's look when compared to the fully built reality.

Little Beaulieu finished on opening day

It's imagination, but without the need to imagine.

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