July 13, 2020

Giant Slide and lookout at Fritton Lake

The Fritton Lake Resort

The side of the slide at Fritton lakes fritz Pike Play lead image

In our recent project update, we shared the details of the wonderful Fritz Pike play at Fritton Lake. The play area was designed around the story of the legendary Pike called Fritz that lurks beneath the deep waters of the lake itself.

In the update, we hinted that plans were afoot for a phase three to add even more adventure. And, just as lockdown finished, we went ahead and installed a huge new slide to challenge even the most adventurous explorer. It's accessed at the top of the structure and drops the rider nearly 7m to the ground below. It's been designed to be quick enough, but slow you down slightly throughout the ride down. It's certainly thrilling, but thankfully not terrifying.

You can see the slide here.

There's also a new lookout deck that reaches out towards the water and delivers incredible views across the 1,000 acre rewilded Norfolk estate. To add to the excitement it has an invisible floor, so you feel like you're floating above the ground. At a slightly scary 7m height it's not for the faint-hearted, but for those brave enough to take on the challenge, the reward is very much work the effort.

This addition is another great example of a planned, phased build that works well with budgets in mind. We always aim to deliver a visually striking play area and then build on it when the visitor numbers start to grow. Phased builds have been a feature of many of our projects, with two good examples being the Lost Castle of Lowther and Fort Douglas at Dalkeith Country Park.

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