October 28, 2019

HMS Acorn

Banham, Norfolk

The Plan for HMS Acorn

Acorn Park is an independent, specialist day and residential school in Banham, Norfolk that caters for children and young people aged 6 – 19 years who have communication and learning challenges associated with Autism. We were asked by them to look at an adventure play space for their children.

Following initial site visits, the collective thought was that the children at Acorn Park School would really respond to something themed, identifiable and sculptural.

We wanted to create a substantial piece of play where every area of the structure is designed to be climbed and clambered upon. The physical play items that were requested i.e climbing and clamber elements being key - would all be built into the chosen theme.

HMS Acorn plan for the build

After consultations and discussions, the HMS Acorn was identified as the key idea to develop the phase one concept design. A shipwrecked HMS Acorn sits at a jaunty angle - having run aground on the wobbly sea bedrocks - and spilled its cargo into a seaweed tangle.

Children can role-play as they slide, clamber, swing, run and investigate this unique find at Acorn Park School. Here's the plan for the site, a visual for how it will look when it's complete, we'll show you the finished product.

Updated HMS Acorn Layout

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