March 24, 2020

How about designing the world’s most incredible adventure playground?

Barton Turf


Firstly, we just wanted to say that we hope you are all safe and well and finding fun and interesting ways to spend more time than usual with your families.

So, we've had an idea.

Everyone, young and old, has one or more amazing playground designs in them so we'd like to see your most fabulous ideas for what imaginative play should REALLY look like.

There's no idea too big or small, we can perhaps overlook gravity, safety and common sense for the period of the lockdown and just dream up and design what you think would be the most incredible adventure play you can imagine.

It's only for fun really and to keep you all occupied for a little while, but why don’t you submit your ideas to us at

We would love to see you come up with : )


As a small incentive, we're giving away a family ticket to ANY ONE of our play spaces in the UK (you choose your preferred). It will be awarded to the most imaginative, crazy or perhaps just the very bestest design for as soon as we are all allowed to get out playing again.

We are happy to take entries in any of these formats (or if you have something different than that's 100% acceptable too)

- Lego
- Straw bales
- Kinex
- Pencil
- Meccano
- Crayon (we love crayons)
- Computer graphics
- Pen and ink
- Etch-a-Sketch
- Any combination of the above
- Or some other way that we haven’t even thought about

Thank you to one of our heroes Rowland Emmet for the use of his illustrations. We hope he wouldn't have minded. If you want to see some of his work, then have a look at Caractacus Pott's marvellous machines in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!


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