November 6, 2020

Lighthouse Ahoy!

Secret Location

CAP.Co Lighthouse Sketch View Colour Lead

The team are working (properly socially distanced of course) in the workshop creating a new Lighthouse play structure. It's not easy to understand the scale it from this illustration, but rest assured, it's pretty large. At over 4m across the base and nearly 7.5m tall, it'll dominate its new home and offer a huge amount of play value.

There's a long tube slide coming from the very top, which is a reward for being brave enough to get all the up way there. There's a smaller straight slide off one of the lower levels, allowing children to take on more and more ‘risk', building up their brave limit.

If you've seen our work before, you'll know that we love to build in some extra little details that set our bespoke designed and built play apart. In this case, to work with the lighthouse, there are a series of play 'rocks' and two wobble boats about to crash into the rocky shore. It's a layer of detail that adds depth and authenticity to the play.

CAP.Co lighthouse model

We'll share more detail as the play progresses and as it's a top-secret project, we're waiting to announce who it's being built for. Don't worry, we'll share that soon too.

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