May 21, 2020

Secret Treehouse Decks

Mundesley Primary School, Norfolk

Freddies notebook sletches of the Mundesley Primary School Adventure play lead

When the children of Mundesley Primary School finally get back to school they’re sure of a big surprise! We’re busy building tucked away treehouse decks in a gorgeous little copse overlooking the school fields.

Accessed from a secret path and part of a developing adventure trail in a quiet and underused bit of the school grounds, this brand new adventure play should make the return to school even more exciting for the children and their dedicated teachers alike.

As is often the case, the ideas begin to emerge with some simple sketches and measurements in the trusty and ever-present notebook.

After some decisions around requirements and possibilities for the space, you can see the design ideas begin to emerge here.Mundesley School Secret Treehouse Plan

And from this, the plan begins to develop...

Mundesley School Secret Treehouse overviewUntil we get to a completed design, ready for the build team...

Mundesley School Secret Treehouse adventure play Design CGI

It's been designed to be accessed via a series of platforms, nets and walkways that allow you to climb your way up into and through the tree canopy. The lowest platform is accessible via a staircase under a natural timber archway.

If you want more of a challenge you can clamber up the cargo net onto the deck. Via the next short set of steps, you can ascend higher onto the largest treehouse lookout platform positioned around a stunning feature tree.

From this height, you can see through the tree canopy and out over the school and playing fields. Send secret messages from here down to your friends below near the access to stairs via a speaking tube. There is also fun to had moving materials up and down from the ground with the bucket and pulley system, designed to encourage collaborative play.

If you brave enough to go even higher, you can follow the meandering bridge that weaves between the trees up to a smaller enclosed lookout deck. From here the tubular slide will whizz you down into the open space of the playing field below.

It's been constructed with using our favourite Sweet Chestnut, harvested locally from sustainable woodland in Norfolk, this installation will sit well, hidden away in the natural woodland space.

A small, local team are currently on site carrying out the (socially distanced) build and we'll be able to show you more when it's completed. In the meantime, here are some images of the main deck, starting to take shape.

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