May 9, 2024

The Lookout Tower at Roderick Dhu is airlifted into place

The Trossachs

The view from underneath as the helicopter deliver the parts into the Roderick Dhu lookout tower

After months of planning, there was excitement in the Trossachs as the helicopter airlift of the steel segments and the timber skin of the new scenic viewing tower were carefully lowered into place on the site.

The Roderick Dhu viewpoint, which was a major attraction in Victorian times is regarded as the historic birthplace of Scottish tourism' with its views popularised by famous writers and poets in the late 1700s and early 1800s. We talked more about the project itself here.

The airlift is the latest phase in the development of the lookout tower and two stunning viewpoints above a giant rock slab outcrop with linking elevated boardwalks and a reinstated path.

Due to the sensitive designated countryside environment, we're taking great care throughout the project to protect the environment, which is why airlifts are needed. The steel and timbers were brought together at a field beside nearby Loch Achray and then airlifted into place at the very top of the viewpoint.

During the previous stage of preparation, a nearly 200-metre hand-built stone path with safety post and rail fencing was completed to connect the Trossachs Pier car park and the scenic tower.

The construction work on the tower and lookouts will continue over the next two months with the opening to the public planned for July.

The images show the team assembling the parts, ready for the lift and then the installation and assembly on site.

The final image shows the team, beginning the construction process with the frame in place.

You can see the CAP.CO team assembling the frame at the top of the hill of the Roderick Dhu lookout tower

All images © Bob Ottaway, CAP.CO

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