January 26, 2017

The Lowther Castle Adventure Play Extension

Lowther Castle

Looking across from the new to the old build at Lowther

When we built the first phase of Lowther Castle Adventure Play, which became 'The Lost Castle of Lowther' there was always a plan that if it was successful, then we would be asked back to build an extension to the play to drive it further into the woods and increase the amount of play available.

The new adventure play build takes shape at Lowther castle

Well, both of these things happen. The first phase was a huge success and we are now back on site building phase two.

A new tower reaches into the sky at Lowther castle

You can see from these images that there are more towers and more building as well as lots more ground play too.

Steps into the new adventure play at Lowther

We seem to have been very lucky with the weather again on site and these last few images show what a beautiful place it is to work as the sun shines through onto the trees we are working amongst.

The sun shines on the new build at Lowther Castle Adventure Play

And this last shot shows the sun going own on the site in the deep woods of Lowther. We work all over the world, but there are very few places more beautiful than this.

We work until sunset at Lowther and they are beautiful shining through the trees

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