August 5, 2019

The Pine Tree Tower Adventure Play

The Scarborough Hill Country Inn

Scarborough Hill Country Inn Adventure Play Lead image

The Scarborough Hill Country Inn, Norfolk has become a destination for high end experiences. It’s a wonderful wedding venue offering fine dining and featuring gorgeously appointed rooms. But it’s also a destination for families to relax together. However, the extensive gardens were lacking any form of play area that matched the quality of the other experiences on offer for these families.

Location for the new play area at the Scarborough Hill Country Inn

CAP.Co were briefed to create something that met and even exceeded their aspirations and was borne of the beautiful surroundings.

Rough layout of play for Scarborough Hill Country Hotel

Our response was to create a fairy house and spire structure, designed around the Scots Pine tree on the edge of the lawn. It features a lookout with a great view over the gardens. To allow parents to relax too, we chose a location which ensured the new play structure was in view of the main building and sits well in its surroundings as a significant new feature on the horizon. We also wanted it to be visible from the driveway, to build initial excitement for arriving guests.

Scarborough Hill Play Concept 2

Scarborough Hill Play Concept

The aesthetic draws on the theme of rustic fairy houses with use of natural shingles, wonky windows and roofs. The main deck is centred around a stunning pine tree with multiple levels offering climbing, sliding, jumping, peeking, hiding, balancing and much more. There are two ways up into the tower from the ground level, either wind your way up the spiral staircase or climb the net straight onto the top deck. From under the spired roof you can peek through little windows into the far away distance or ask the Fairies what to do next.

Having only opened last week, The Pine Tree Tower is already proving a great hit with families, whether old or new visitors to the thriving and gorgeous Scarborough Hill Country Inn.

The ultimate test of our work, however, has to be the reaction of the customers. And this quote from the owner of the Scarborough Hill Hotel says it all.

"I cannot put into words just how absolutely thrilled we all are with our amazing tree house tower. You all totally understood our instructions and the result is fantastic. Well done all of you, and the boys on site are lovely. Thanks again Simon. We were soo busy over there at the weekend - people are just loving our tower it’s just fantastic. Many thanks"

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