October 24, 2018

The Tiny House Project – Part Two

Jas adds more roof detailing


In the first part of the Tiny House Project Build here we covered the early stages of the design and covered the hopes and aspirations for the overall build. Since then, the progress has been swift and the end is looking nigh. So I went back to revisit the project and talk it through with Freddie and Jas. Here is what they had to say.

The tiny house frame has been completed

1. So where are you at with your build?

Externally, the trailer house is finished. It's insulated, the cladding is all on, the solar panels are mounted on the roof, our windows and door are fitted and so the structure is watertight!

On the inside, we've been busy working on the electrics. Currently we're ply-lining the interior, building our walls and the framework for the internal structure.

Jas working on the roof of the Tiny House

2. On the first phase, you said that the key lesson was that tiny spaces are every bit as hard as designing large spaces. What have been the key lessons on this second phase?

I think the biggest lesson has been in planning, when it comes to steps which involve other people, and accounting for their availability and the knock-on effect.

Freddie fixing the exterior cladding to the tiny house structure

3. What has been your best find on the project so far?

The plywood we're using internally is super lightweight. It's a birch-faced poplar ply which came recommended by a carpenter friend. It's saved us a lot of weight and makes fixing ceiling panels a lot easier!

Window details on the tiny hose structure

4. What are you the proudest of so far?

I think it's impossible to say what we're most proud of, the whole project is a process and it's not over yet! It's been a great learning experience and a big challenge, and there are lots of small elements that we're pleased with.

One very satisfying moment was when we fitted the steel verge details which run around each end of the house. They were powder coated before we fitted them, and when they slotted on it was like a piece fitting into a puzzle!

On the inside you begin to see the scale of the project and they space they have created within the tiny house

5. What have you still got to do to complete it?

Once the internal structure is finished, we'll do our first fit of the plumbing and water heater, install the shower and get the bathroom sealed. We can then get connected with electricity and then get our gas system installed.

Fixing the exterior cladding around the windows

6. Are there any real hurdles you need to overcome to get it on the road, in the build, getting it road legal or the logistics of driving it to Scandinavia via a ferry?

We'll have to plan our route really well! We're not going to have the smallest turning circle in the world, so it's preferable to avoid getting stuck at low (or weak) bridges!

View through the front door of the tiny house

From this angle it still looks small until you see the scale of the ladder

More cladding is added to the end of the structure


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