August 25, 2021

Tumblestone Hollow by Air

Stonor Park, Oxfordshire

Tumblestone Hollow Drone footage

We often see 'bird's eye views' of new rides and attractions, in the theme park industry, 'point of view' or POV videos are very popular and it's a real coup to get one of the first, live on YouTube when a new ride is launched.

But never before have we seen a Drone's Eye View of a new attraction. This is exactly what William Stonor, founder of Tumblestone Hollow achieved when he commissioned local drone pilot, Russell Cleaver to explore Tumblestone Hollow with his purpose-built racing drone.

Cleaver, who's worked on big-budget Hollywood movies such as Astral and the Voice of Sin, took on the challenge. We think the results are something of a triumph. But hop aboard and prepare to fly through Tumblestone Hollow for yourself.

You can see more of his work on his own YouTube channel over here and some of it is every bit as captivating.

The video has also just been featured on blooloop and they have some more details. You can see that article over here. 

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