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Residential Treehouse

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Residential treehouses are always rewarding and fun projects for us to design and build. Most often, residential treehouse projects are built in the gardens of family homes for our clients’ children and grandchildren to play in. As with our commercial work, we always design and build following the British Standard BSEN1176. When designing a bespoke play structure for a private garden, however, we also ensure we consider all the little personal details which matter most to our clients. They want it to work beautifully as a play structure or a place to retreat but also add to the beauty and sense of place of their own garden. Between the CAP.CO team, we have built a lot of private residential treehouses over the years. This one, whilst a relatively small one, is one we really love.

The brief for this project was to create a playful and personal addition which connected the two beautiful old trees within this picturesque garden. The clients wanted a perfect hideaway adventure for their grandchildren, which they could also use and enjoy as an extra space to sit in summer, or use as a cosy nook for winter evenings. The design combined these two aims, whilst also ensuring that the quality of the finishing details would result in a stunning bespoke structure which could be appreciated from elsewhere in the garden.

So let's look at the plans..

And the finished buildMount St John residential treehouse design and build

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