Wallasey, Merseyside

Eureka! Science + Discovery

Eureka Mersey and the view across the Mersey and the Three Graces

Eureka! Mersey isn't a children’s museum nor a traditional science centre, or anything to which it could be easily compared. It has its own distinct identity that comes from the co-creation process, with 120 children and young people involved in the collaboration process.

It is the sister to Eureka! The National Children’s Museum in Halifax, that opened in 1992, with this new site expected to attract around 180,000 visitors every year and contribute £12m to the local economy by 2032

It's focused around STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) but designed to bring these subjects to life through fun, exploration, experimentation and designed to encourage curiosity.

Within this museum, we created a hero exhibit, the Climbing Tree which provides both a physical clambering and immersive experience within the central void space of the museum and visible from the car park, entrance and ticketing areas. You can see how that fills the available space over the two plus storeys here.

Finished Elevation of the new tree play at Eureka Merseyside full

This key feature within the space builds excitement and provides a teaser or glimpse of things to come as they journey through the space.

The CGI's show it would come to life and the scaling of the feature itself.

Offering multiple levels of explorative play, the Climbing Tree is designed to be suitable for all ages and abilities. You can see the finished play structure here, which is incredibly close to the initial CGI illustrations.

When it comes to the even younger visitors, we have created the Field Mouse Nest. This is an interactive feature within the under 5’s area. It's an oversized nest-like structure that provides a safe, educational and intriguing space to cater for young adventurers to the museum.

The early CGI's show how it fits the stye of the rest of the build and offers fun and interactive play for the under 5's.

And then the finished Field Mouse in place and ready for visitors.

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