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Our thriving team works to design, plan, develop, operate and lead the thinking to create attractions that are sustainable into the long term.

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How we work

Meet the team

As a team, we have worked with destinations, attractions, landowners and dreamers across the USA, UK, Europe and the world to create exceptional places for every imagination.


Project Developer Fella

Simon originally trained as a Fine Art Sculptor and is the leader of our team. But even with this art-based background, he’s now producing the most creative work of his life – it’s his initial vision that starts bringing spaces and places to life, where he is best is in imagining how a site will work.


Captain Jack

Jack joined the onsite build team having worked with Jim and Simon at BeWILDerwood. His build skills are legendary as is his ability to kick back and relax. Jack is also our part-time videographer on site and many of our drone and flyover videos have been shot by him during his time on site.


Attention Seeker

Johnny leads the marketing for CAP.Co and our attraction partners. After 22 years of running a brand consultancy, the lure of outdoor adventure drew him into the team. He'd previously been Marketing Director of Treehouse Company which built BeWILDerwood and where many of the team started working together.



Jim is our Build Director and originally trained as a cabinet maker, moving on to The Treehouse Company, where he developed his experience of timber construction building and crafted some of the world’s finest treehouses across the globe. There is no project too much for him and his build teams.


Numbers Punk

Bob took the classic route of Lion Taming via accountancy after a career at KPMG. He now adds the commercial management to our team ensuring our projects run beautifully from first contact, right through to the last day on-site. He is also exceptional at financial master planning for attractions.



Steve’s experience in wooden adventure play is longer than everyone else in the team, apart from McJum as he was also part of the world-renowned Treehouse Company design team. You can see his work in the unbelievable Royal Windsor Park Adventure Play and throughout the UK and Europe.


Play Space Cadet

Freddie is our resident Landscape Architect and master planner. Having studied for his Masters in Edinburgh, he went on to work for a leading landscape architecture firm before deciding the call of our play was too strong and joined our team in 2015 to lead our design and project presentation.



Paul has been a ‘friend of the family’ since 2005, having been a designer within the original Treehouse Company team. His role is to manage the teams and oversee the entire production process, to ensure we continue to meet time and budget requirements every time.


Head of Nitty Gritty

Peter is the one who cares about the details that happen behind the scenes to ensure we stay legal, insured, and on top of all of our health and safety commitments. He grew up in insurance, but is surprisingly not that dull himself.


Professor Play

Dr. Jono is a genuine doctor of play, with both academic and practical experience of designing amazing adventure play. During his Master's in Landscape Architecture, Jono's research focused on the value of play. He brings this knowledgeable approach to designing and building, specialising in accessible play.



Alex is our resident artist. Her sketches and artistic impressions help to bring our design concepts to life. Alex's creative eye and hand have also given the finishing touch to many of our projects, inside some of our most magical structures.


Countess of Coins

If there's a number involved, Hayley will probably count it. Queen of the Pivot table and master of maths, Hayley ensures the numbers add up perfectly.


Build Sheriff

Jason is our Build Sheriff and has over 25 years of construction industry project management experience and ensures we deliver on time and to an amazing standard.


Adventure Architect

The Adventure Architect's love for timber craftsmanship blossomed at Arts University Bournemouth. Beyond design, she wields carpentry tools and is converting a camper van.

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