At CAP.Co, our adventure play structures are always unique creations, hand built on site with careful consideration given to the specific conditions of each place. We believe in designing safety into all our adventurous places from the outset.

Right from the drawing board, safety is our priority, from concept through technical design detailing, to the selection of our timber, and in every step of construction down to the final sanding and finishing.

For our bespoke structures, the most important safety testing standard is the inspection by Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). Our teams understand and respect RoSPA’s standards and guidelines, and use them as a reference point for decision making during design and building on site.

Whenever we use external components, such as swings, ropes and nets, we ensure these meet the BSEN 1176 standard, which governs and regulates factory-made play equipment. On every build, our work is guided by the British Standard BSEN 1176.

Before any of our play spaces open for adventurers, we invite the independent inspectors from RoSPA to clamber all over them, checking every single detail. For us, this is a vital step in ensuring our structures are safe and ready for play!