August 15, 2023

A creature from the deep is stirring at the National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum

Royal Museums Greenwich is home to the Royal Observatory, the historic sailing ship Cutty Sark, the beautiful Queen’s House and the National Maritime Museum.

The CAP.Co build team are currently on site creating an imaginative play from the deep, like no other we've done before.

Awaken the Kraken

Fabled creatures and monsters are never far from a child’s imagination, so in this new adventure play area we are creating a scene straight out of a swashbuckling adventure!

The feature ship, inspired by the rich history of Britain’s most famous privateers - Edward Teach, Sir Francis Drake and Anne Bonny is under attack from an enormous Cephalopod from the deep.

The giant tentacled towers provide imaginative play, while adventurers navigate the sea weed ground play and seabed features.

The toddlers will perhaps be in the most (imaginary) peril from the scourge of the seas - the most dangerous predator in the ocean - the Cutty Shark!

Watch this space - The Kraken is waking.

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